Welcome to the HARTAS One Name Study.

This website is dedicated to the research for the surname of HARTAS and its variants. Originally from England there are now branches in Australia and other areas of the world. *
The One Name Study has been registered with the Guild of One Name Studies by Dianne PRIOR. This website has been developed by Ian HARTAS.

Variations on the name

This website is in its initial stages of development and so currently holds basic datasets of information for the name. Some known variants are HARTES, HARTIS, HARTUS, HARTESS, HARTISS and also we have seen variants with the 'H' dropped, e.g. ARTIS, ARTUS etc. These latter versions are not our current focus of research but where they are found they are added to the data for completeness.

Variations are an important factor to take into account, for example in researching the 1939 Register I found one family transcribed as HARTESS. On the original image it was clear that these had been mistransribed and it should have been HARTISS. When further cross-referencing one of the children, the child appeared in the GRO indexes with a surname of HARTUS. The moral of the story is to remember that many of our ancestors did not read or write, so were subject to what the clerk or registrar heard, or thought they heard, and so name variants need to be accounted for. So, please assume that all mention of the HARTAS name in the rest of the site automatically includes possible alternatives.

Our aims

The long term aims of the site are:

  • Collect and publish as many datasets of HARTAS references in a searchable form.
  • Allow users to register their interest and interact with other registered users.
  • Connect individuals with their matching entries in each dataset.
  • Link as many branches of the HARTAS trees together.
  • Add a DNA section for further research **
  • Publish photographs of HARTAS family members.
  • Publish profiles of specific HARTAS family members.

All of the above is, of course, subject to change and to the appropriate copyright constraints. It's also subject to the software being written. E.g. the top right of the page shows the place where mail and alerts will be handled - there's no code there yet...

If you have any suggestions for content and features for this website please make use of the Contact Us page.

* (As far as our current knowledge tells us, the Greek family HARTAS are an independent line and so are not covered by this website)
** (The DNA results for me, Ian HARTAS, show that I have an ethnicity of 86% British, centered around Yorkshire, and 14% Norwegian. Hopefully DNA tests from other HARTAS branch members will allow a refinement of the origins of the name and aid in tying together the various branches)